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Truper is the largest vertically integrated manufacturer of striking tools in North America. From our hickory mills in Pennsylvania to our forging plant in Mexico, we strictly supervise every step of our production process to provide our customers only with the top-of-the-line products.

Following are the manufacturer's warranties. All defective exchanges will be handled by NE Distribution.

TRUPER TRU-PRO Life-time Warranty
A premium line true to the specs of contractor-grade tools, yet also geared to the high-end consumer who wants to step up to top-quality tools. Best value at the highest quality available. TRU-PRO products offer the heaviest gauge heads available, tab sockets or steel collars, along with a select choice of white ashwood handles for the optimum balance of resistance and flexibility. Life-time warranty backs all TRU-PRO tools.


TRUPER GARDEN-PRO 15 Year Warranty
Our newest line offers a complete assortment of tools for every gardening requirement. TRUPER Garden Pro feature ergonomic D-handles, steel collars, heavy gauge steel blades and 10" end grips for added comfort and control. A fifteen-year free-replacement warranty backs all TRUPER Garden Pro products.


TRUPER TRU-TOUGH 10 Year Warranty
TRU-TOUGH provides everything a dedicated user expects from a serious, long lasting tool - plus an unbeatable price. TRU-TOUGH has long been TRUPER's best selling signature line; its visual appeal is highlighted by clear-coated gray-steel finished heads, steel collars, lacquered ash handles, heavy duty D-grips and a ten-year free-replacement warranty.


TRUPER TRU-BUILT 5 Year Warranty
TRU-BUILT TRUPER's economy line is ideal for the occasional user looking for a sturdy, well-made and reliable tool at a low price. TRU-BUILT features matt-black painted heads, waxed hardwood handles, poly D-grips, chucked handles and a five year replacement warranty.





NE Distribution Gardening and Striking Tools