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NE DISTRIBUTION, a wholesale/retail striking and lawn & garden tool supplier, started its operations in October of 2004. This date is synonymous with the entry of Truper Herramientas products in the U.S.

We began supplying only striking tools to the Industrial customer base of the former Mann Edge Tool Company. Since that time, we have expanded into the lawn & garden products of Truper as well. Our client base has quadrupled to include the following markets:

• Automotive Aftermarket
• Highway/Road Construction
• Landscaping
• Logging Supply
• Government, Federal/State/Local/Municipalities
• Hardware Retail
• Railroad
• Firefighting
• Manufacturing

Truper has been in the hand-tool manufacturing business for over 45 years with exports to Canada, Central/South America, the Caribbean and Europe. They are the largest vertically integrated manufacturer of striking tools in North America. They rely on the most advanced modern and efficient technology to guarantee the optimum quality and competitive value of their products as well as the demanding service needs of the company’s global client base. The highly regarded reputation of Truper made the distribution of their products in the U.S. a win-win for everyone!





NE Distribution Gardening and Striking Tools